suministros sanitarios

Suclisa will turn fifty years in 2021 offering health clinic supplies to hospital and clinics of the Basque Country, Navarre and Cantabria.

Relying its activity and added value on the best product and service possible is something that can only be based on accumulating plenty of positive feedback and stockage.

Suclisa owns three warehouses from where every necessity of a hospital located in the area is covered. “Our warehouse in Bilbao will have 300 square metres. In Cantabria we have got another department store and in Alonsotegi a fully equipped pavilion.”

Due to its stockage and structure Suclisa is capable of complying with all customers’ necessities at any given situation. “If an unexpected matter comes up in a hospital we provide them with any supply in less than an hour. It is unusual to experience an evento while a surgery is being held but in case it happens Suclisa’s response is an absolute guarantee,” says Suclisa CEO Iker Axpe.

The company has plenty of references and so is that the “organization of all the equipment is the key. A mistake during a reference delivery may cause a serious problem”.

In order to refrain from this sort of situations Suclisa has two solutions. On one hand, “every reference is documented, controlled and organised”, says Iker Axpe. On the other, “our team members are well-prepared and very specialized as they have been monitoring this tasks in the long-term even in surgery.”

“All the hospitals from the Basque Country, Navarre and Cantabria are our customers and we have a good reputation among them” says Iker Axpe. “How are we perceived? The image we serve maintains its high profile thanks to our professionalism and customer service.”

“We have the best product and service,” proudly claims Iker Axpe.

To take into account, Suclisa is one of the Ethicon -a Jhonson & Jhonson corp.- distributors, a company which brags itself as they work to “change surgery’s future” paying attention to three lines: innovating through evidence, transforming business models and making the difference by supporting the community with the strength of the collaborative care.