Etiquetas para la industria sanitaria

Suclisa has been distributing health clinic supplies for almost half a century. During this period of time, the corporation development has been built under three added values.

1. High qualified staff
At Suclisa there are people high qualified in every aspecto. From the general services áreas to commercial or storage staff.
“We have very familiarized people regarding our products. As there are tons of references, even in surgery when a piece out of a hundred is missed a big problema may be caused,” says Suclisa CEO Iker Axpe. “It is not our conflict because there are people very well prepared and familiarized with the products we offer at our company. And if this happens in our storage, you might figure it out on the commercial scope. We provide assitance to the best surgeons. A lot of preparation is required to do so. Thus, our staff is highly prepared both with a degree and a broaden experience as well as a special sensitivity.”

2. Service
“Suclisa is a family business currently in its third generation. Since its inception we have been priorizing the best service possible. We always focus on providing the best solutions in terms of products and services” says Iker Axpe. Our people are prepared enough on a daily basis to offer the best consultancy possible, and always up to date with the innovation in every solution. We also solve any hesitation o problema that may arise regarding our customers.”

3. Inventory
“Everything is connected but the added value is our inventory. We have at hand big department stores, thousands of references and lots of stockage. And we do offer a extremely urgent service. Suclisa can be present in every hospital in less than an hour and that is a guarantee. Because when there is an emeregency in a surgery nobody can wait as you suppose.”

“However, it is true that is very rare that a serious event occurs in a surgery. But if it can happen. And for those situations, Suclisa is always there.”